The Phalanx Chronicles now has a mention on the WoWiki Webcomic list which you can see HERE.

Not the most exciting news, but you can check out some of the other amazing webcomics out there - just remember who sent you *deathglare*. Anyways, take care everyone, and I can say that now, because the site got 80 hits yesterday, so I'm not just talking to myself.




08/25/2008 14:57

You definitely are no longer talking to yourself! Hehe. Thanks for posting your comic on WoWWiki, I visit that page (and most of the comics there) almost daily, I look forward to reading your creation. (Excellent so far, already left me hanging)

Thanks for the hard work =D

08/26/2008 20:14

Thank you very much, honestly, it's lovely to have some support 'voiced' on here. 4:20am is a stupidly late time to reply to comments (or be awake) by regular standards I'm sure; but this has really made me smile so I couldn't wait to respond.

Take care Veilence, I hope you enjoy what’s to come!


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