A big thank you to Blizzard for placing a link to The Phalanx Chronicles on their front page; and to all those who have come to visit! Daily Pageviews have gone through the roof, and I added a hit counter earlier today that has exceeded expectations quite spectacularly.

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It's 3am, and it's that time again! No, not for bed, but for the Friday update! "Click here for latest issue." on the right will take you to the latest issue, and just to make things fun, I'm not providing you with an alternative this week.

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Hope you enjoy this weeks issue, take care everyone!



The Phalanx Chronicles now has a mention on the WoWiki Webcomic list which you can see HERE.

Not the most exciting news, but you can check out some of the other amazing webcomics out there - just remember who sent you *deathglare*. Anyways, take care everyone, and I can say that now, because the site got 80 hits yesterday, so I'm not just talking to myself.



It's Friday! Well, it is here in England anyway, 00:51 says the clock and I'm chucking the latest issue up before bed. "Click here for latest issue" in the top right hand corner will do just that, or, if you're a little bit indie - you can stand out from the crowd and click here instead with our special edition yellow links.

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ps. Formatting the pictures on this site so they are full sized and actually visible was so frustrating I think I need to get checked for a hernia. If you have any errors viewing the comic, please do let me know.


Welcome to the Phalanx Chronicles, a webcomic set in the World of Warcraft universe. Head over to our About section to learn more about the setting and story, or if you just want to get reading head over to our Archives.

There will (...supposedly) be an update every Friday, and as it is the comic's debut its read one part get one free. Get started with Part One: "Beginnings", HERE and remeber to click Next to see Part Two: "Rescue!".

Check back reguarly for other updates, such as Character Bios, FAQs, random tid-bits or rants about issues from moi.