I will no longer be updating this page, but please do head over to my new site: www.mimicwing.com!
The images for my Alice and Wonderland Combat System concept are in the 'Alice' section of the website. The actual descriptions of abilities and the mechanics at large are not there - but I'll leave you to imagine them. Can you figure out what the rock and bread are for?

Also, if you'd like to see pictures of my 3D Graphics Coursework, you can find it in the 3D Graphics section! Not too bad for my first time using 3DS Max eh?

I'll use this little corner of the internet to stash my work for now, though I suspect I should get a more professional lair soon.

Take Care,

Welcome to anyone from Disney Interactive Studios who happens to be viewing the portfolio of Ben Nizan for the internship program. This is to confirm that the comics, short story and this website were created by him... me... you get the idea.

So! Head over to the Archives to see the comic, or Short Story to see my submission to the last Blizzard Entertainment creative writing competition.

Take care,

Z (Ben)

I didn't win.
Or get runners up.
Or even get an honourable mention.

I did learn a lot about writing though, and I guess at this stage that means more than anything. If the competition happens again next year, I'll participate again.

Feel free to head over to the new "Short Story" section to check out my piece if you like.

Take care all,



So, it's been a long time since I've updated. I doubt anyone comes here anymore, but for anyone who stumbles on this site then please cross your fingers for me as I'm having a go at Blizzard's first global writing contest! My story will be based on the one done for this comic, although the events that take place are different.

Wish me luck!

ps. This also acts as a disclaimer that "the cord and the collar" is written by me, and I've not stolen the idea from this site ... just for any Blizzard employees doing their homework ;)


As mentioned on my previous post, I am unable to make new issues for The Phalanx Chronicles due to a lack of working WoW Model Viewer and Map Viewer (as they are waiting their post-patch update, and apparently the latest patch was particularly damaging).

So for now I'm afraid this webcomic is officially cancelled until further notice. I do intend to finish Rise of the Warlock at least, when that'll be I don't know. I'm also contemplating writing Short Stories in place of the comic, what do people think about that? (Comment or e-mail zazzadar@btinternet.com)

Anyway, this is probably the last time I'll say it for a while but

Take care all.






I'm afraid it is very unlikely a new issue will be out this week as, sadly, the new patch (while wonderful) has somewhat kicked Modelviewer and Mapviewer in the metaphorical bollocks. As I had exhausted my supply of pre-made issues and am currently working on a schedule of make-it post-it; I doubt I'll be able to finish this week's in time for Friday.

So I'd like to apologise for this. Obviously it's not great for an update to be missed but I am planning on combining parts 11 and 12 into a Special, to make up for it somewhat.

Also, please enjoy this bonus (read: bribe) image of Trelorian, another of my very first pieces.

Take care all. Enjoy the patch!



As I'll be out (wait, he goes out?) this evening, I wouldn't be able to do the Friday update until... well, about mid-afternoon Friday. So I figured I'd do it early instead!

"Crossing Paths" brings together our previously separated cast and explains a little bit more about what the hell is going on; bringing attention to questions old and new.

So enjoy, and take care!



You can now send your hatemail to my e-mail which is located on our contacts page!

A picture of Zazzadar is also available on that page, I wonder if the artist reads this comic, she drew that picture what seems like an ice-age ago.

Take care (and drop me a line) everyone!



Part Nine is now live! Zaerin washes up some loose ends, and gets ready to go to Auberdine with Agxilar. I wonder who they are going to meet there?

Next week is 'the big one' as far as I'm concerned, and marks the half way point to the completion of this chapter! (Subject to change. ^^) But this issue provides a bit of comic relief, or attempts to anyway. Let me know what you think about that.

I hope I actually updated correctly this week, I'd hate to have messed anything up again. Anyways, take care everyone!


ps. Remember if you're new, to use the "first" tab at the bottom of any weeks' issue, head over to our archives and find issue one at the top, or click here on our special edition Pink Link.